Hello my dear silly and whimsical and (also) silly friend!

Looks like you turned 19 a few days ago, but unfortunately this "birthday card" wasn't ready yet because i'm a lazy dude who plays minecraft and goes mimimimi all the time.

Fear not, this isn't the only present you are going to get from me, it would be really lame if it was like that.

I'm unsure if you are going to read this before your birthday party, but in any case i won't spoil the surprise.

On the other hand, looks like your cool and silly and whimsical and (also) silly personality has attracted some magical and whimsical creatures from the nearest forest near you! Looks like they have something to say...


Greetings, dear friend of the forest and fellow free spirit!

I may be a tiny blue elf gnome hybrid with big feet, but today is a big day for someone even more magical than me!

On this beautiful day, I want to send the most enchanting and heartfelt wishes to my wonderful hippie furry witch friend!

May your birthday be a swirl of colors, a symphony of laughter, and a dance of endless joy. May the gentle whispers of the wind carry your spells to the farthest corners of the Earth, spreading love and positivity to all.

May your furry companions bring you endless cuddles and warmth, and may your potions and incantations always brew to perfection.

As we celebrate this special day, may the spirits of the forest dance in your honor, and may the moonlight guide your path on this magical journey of life.

Happy birthday, dear friend!



Oh, glitter and giggles, it's your special day, my groovy, furry witchy friend!

(flutters around with a trail of sparkles)

Happy Birthday, you magical soul! May your day be filled with rainbow-colored spells, wildflower crowns, and the sweetest herbal potions.

Let's dance under the moonlight, cast spells with laughter, and spread love and peace to all creatures big and small. May your journey be full of good vibes and endless adventures!

Sending you tons of fairy dust and enchanted birthday wishes, my free-spirited friend!

Have a far-out celebration!



Happy Birthday, you free-spirited creature of the forest!

May your day be filled with the chaotic energy of a thousand dancing sprites, and may your incense always burn with the aroma of the spookiest herbs from the darkest corners of the forest.

May your cauldron bubble with the most bewitching brews, and may your broomstick carry you to the trippiest realms of the astral plane. May your crystal ball reveal only the most mystifying and perplexing futures, just to keep you on your toes.

May your tarot cards always shuffle themselves into wild and unpredictable spreads, and may your familiars teach you the quirkiest spells from their enchanted books.

So here's to you, my mystical friend, embracing the light and darkness in equal measure, weaving your cosmic threads through the universe, and adding a touch of enchantment to this world.

Happy Birthday, you wild and whimsical creature of magic!


Looks like this whimsical forest creatures left you some presents too!

What are you waiting for? Open them already!

Enjoy the rest of your birthday and may you forget about this link