Happy birthdayfuck i left the gas opened hold up i'm going to close it ok i'm back HAPPY BIRTHDAY even if it's not the day of your birthday shut up i wasn't able to finish this for your birthday happy birthday btw.

Mom just got in my room and asked me if i knew that my ex best friend from middleschool was going out with two of my old classmates and i was like "Ok, i don't really care. We didn't talk in a long time", like i said it in a cool way cuz i had to let her know i didn't really care i AM NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYINGAIJNIDJNAJSNCIANOASJNINAIJNDIAHSIJAHIJNAIANCAIJDOASKOMAO :'(

Also sorry for all of the ads i can't really affort the preamium plan for the website i wonder if something silly will show up if you CLICK THEM but i'm too scared to do that we will never know. But i was able to get you a present wich you can see by clicking on [THIS LINK RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE LOOK AT THIS CLICK THIS].

Enjoy the rest of your birthday and may you forget about this link.